"Helping our community find healing and restorative justice through the seven grandfather teachings -dbaadendiziwin (humility), aakwa'ode'ewin (bravery), gwekwaadziwin (honesty), nbwaakaawin (wisdom), debwewin (truth), mnaadendimowin (respect), and most of all zaagidwin (love)." 

SRC 2 9.22

Journey to Healing and Victim Advocates Programs

The Journey to Healing and Victim's Advocate Programs at Bay Mills Tribal Court are programs intended to expand and enhance direct services to all victims of crimes.

The objectives of this program are to develop and enhance effective governmental strategies to curtail violent crimes against and increase the safety of victims consistent with tribal law and custom; increase tribal capacity to respond to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and stalking crimes against victims; strengthen the tribal justice interventions, including tribal law enforcement, prosecution, courts, probation; to provide legal assistance when necessary and services to address the needs of youth who also experience trauma, and much more.


Liza J. McGahey, Victim Services Coordinator 906-248-8817
Mariah Teeple, Journey to Healing Advocate 906-248-8820
Nikki Nelson, Tribal Court Victims Advocate 906-248-8821
Leah Carrick, Journey to Healing Advocate 906-248-8819

Important Numbers

National Indigenous Women's Resource Center
Strong Hearts Native Helpline
Uniting Three Fires Against Violence

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StrongHearts Helpline - Uniting Three Fires Against Violence - NIWRC - Mending the Sacred Hoop