The Bay Mills Tribal Court utilizes the Tribal Constitution, Tribal Court Code, Tribal Ordinances and Tribal Hunting and Fishing Regulations, which are based on U.S. District Court Consent Decree, federal statutes, regulations and case law (as may be applicable).


Chapter 1: Tribal Court
Chapter 2: Appeals
Chapter 3: Rules for action
Chapter 4: Civil Case Rules
Chapter 5: Criminal Case Rules
Chapter 6: Criminal Code
Chapter 7: Juvenile
Chapter 8: Motor Vehicle
Chapter 9: Law Enforcement
Chapter 10: Divorce
Chapter 11: Adoption
Chapter 12: Conservation
Chapter 13: Guardianship
Chapter 14: Marriage
Chapter 15: Elder Protection
Chapter 16: Snowmobiles
Chapter 17: Off-road Vehicles
Chapter 18: Tax Division
Chapter 19: Paternity Code
Chapter 20: Child Support
Chapter 21: Grandparenting Time
Chapter 22: Vacating Convictions
Chapter 23: Immunity and Waiver
Chapter 24: Gaming Authority
Chapter 25: Personal Protection Orders
Chapter 26: Business Holdings
Chapter 27: Civil Domestic and Sexual Violence


Class I Raffle
Community College Student Complaint
Curfew for Minors
Dog Control
Foster Care Licensing
Home Daycare
Housing and Land Use: Basic Housing
Housing and Land Use: Building
Housing and Land Use: Code Compliance
Housing and Land Use: Community Improvements Areas
Housing and Land Use: Electrical
Housing and Land Use: Fire Prevention
Housing and Land Use: Housing
Housing and Land Use: Lease
Housing and Land Use: Plumbing
Housing and Land Use: Tribal Utility Services
Housing and Land Use: Zoning
Leasehold Mortgage
Citizen Adoption
Michigan Consolidated Gas Franchise
Motor Vehicle License and Registration
Ownership of Wolf Hybrid Animals
Secured Transactions
Sex Offender Registration and Notification Utility
Jiibaakwaan Production Ordinance
Trust Management Ordinance

Forms and additional resources can be found here.

Court Rules

Rule 105.1 Foreign Judgements
Rule 105.2 Code of Ethics
Rule 105.3 Court Appointed Attorneys/Advocates
Rule 105.4 Electronic Signatures
Rule 105.5 Motions in Civil Proceedings