The Court imposes fines upon defendants as part of his or her sentence and generally requires defendants to cover certain costs related to his or her arrest, incarceration and drug testing. The Court may also require defendants to pay restitution in criminal cases where his or her actions have caused damage or harm to other individuals.


Additionally, the Court is authorized to collect fees, fines, costs and other monies associated with Tribal Court proceedings, as outlined below.

Filing Fees

Filing $40 per case, claim, affidavit or registration of a foreign judgment
Motions $25 per motion
Issuance of Writ $10 each issuance
Service $5, plus mileage at $0.10 per mile

Jury Fees

Court Attendance $20 per day
Travel Expense $0.30 per mile to/from residence

Witness Fees

Court Attendance $20 per day or any part thereof. Party requesting responsible for paying
Travel Expense $0.40 per mile to/from residence

Appeal Fees

Appeal Filing Fee $15 paid by party appealing. Must be paid within 20 days for civil or 30 days for criminal cases, unless waived by court for good cause shown
Transcript Fees $2 per page

Appellate Judges

Court Attendance $75 per day

Other Fees

Court Transcript $2 per page
Photocopies $2 per page
Certified Photocopy $10 for certification